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SIASUN and Shanghai University Create Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Source:      Pubdate: 2017.03.09     Views:

In the morning of May 15, an agreement between SIASUN and Shanghai University was officially signed at Shanghai University Lehu New Building. Those in attendance included Shanghai University Vice President Wang Min, Shanghai University Professor Fang Minglun, SIASUN CEO Qu Daokui, SIASUN Vice President Yang Li, and other leaders.

Both SIASUN and Shanghai University aim to serve society and encourage mutual progress. This agreement, which was reached after much discussion, includes aspects related to research and production, training, technological innovation, and other areas. The goal of this agreement is to create a cooperative innovation platform for the research and development of new industrial technology. Both sides offer their own abilities in areas such as smart production, robots and related key components, smart control, digital design, modeling, and simulation.

SIASUN and Shanghai University hope that this partnership will help to cultivate high-level talent in the areas of smart manufacturing and robotics, thus creating an effective platform for the development of new high-end technology. This agreement establishes a promising, interactive cooperation for future research.